About Us

Shree Ravi Randal Mandir Dadva is a temple with hopes and having roots in the Hindu shastras. As a part of Hinduism, the followers believes that spiritual and social activities go hand in hand.

This site is a veritable goldmine of information on Ravi Randal Mataji, with details of its philosophy, its scriptures, activities, festivals, publications and its worldwide network. With regard to religion, the site has detailed life histories of Mataji and Her followers, Bhaktajans.

The Temple of Ravi Randal Mataji at Dadva is more than 1100yrs old and is also called a temple of hopes. People receive blessings of Mataji in form of children to those who don't have, Eyes to blind and many more. More than 3000 to 4000 visitors arrive at Dadva monthly which shows devotion towards mataji.